Learn to taste in 45 minutes.....

Learn to taste in 45 minutes.....

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Ever been handed a glass of wine in a party or in a bar and wondered…….

Do I like this wine? It is it a good wine? If I don’t like it … why don’t I like it. I just cant tell??

This is a welcome starter tasting pack from Virtual Vineyards.

You will receive a bottle of red and white wine, a pre-recorded video on how to taste the wines, tastings sheets, wine notes and food pairing suggestions.

In this pre-recorded video you will learn how to use your palate to judge good quality and poor quality wines. The method of tasting a wine will be explained correctly and then you practice along. This will give you the confidence to judge quality for yourself in the future. It will also explain the tips and tricks to match foods with wines confidence.

Why Choose "Learn to taste in 45 Minutes"?

✨ Time-Efficient: No more lengthy courses or overwhelming textbooks. Our program gets straight to the point, providing you with the knowledge you need in a fraction of the time.

✨ Expert-Led: Benefit from the wisdom of an experienced sommelier and wine educator who has curated the most essential information and techniques for your rapid mastery.

✨ Practical and Applicable: Our program equips you with skills you can immediately put into practice, transforming your wine tasting experiences and boosting your confidence.

✨ Convenient and Accessible: Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Our program is available online, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of wine tasting whenever it suits you.

All delivered to your door for €50.