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French Wines Masterclass

French Wines Masterclass

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French Wine Masterclass 19th November 8;30pm

  An evening of fine wines delivered to your door.

This Masterclasses consists of.....
-3 bottles of premium quality wines delivered to your door
-a curated recipe and pre-recorded chef demo video of how to cook the dish
-detailed Virtual Vineyard wine notes and tote bag
-120 minute live zoom class explaining the wines.
We will discuss regions, styles, grapes, foods to match and tips on buying wines.
We are journeying through old world countries that pioneered food and wine pairing. The current offering is a look at France, using .....
*Vouvray Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley
*Croze Hermitage Syrah from Rhone Valley
*Cremant de Bourgogne.
As usual, we will begin in the vineyard with the grape, giving a historical background of the region and the developments to the modern style they are today. We will then taste the wines step by step, which ultimately helps you in your future wine journey. The chosen chef’s dish is curated by Aoife Barker (chef & food blogger). This dish will be discussed in detail in terms of its synergy with the red and white.

The evening will be rounded off with a Q&A to answer any of your possible queries. These types of classes are a great introduction for those of you seeking the ultimate dinner party experience through food and wine pairing. €120 per household.
Please email to book a place.