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Brand New Online Wine Course launched!

"Behind the Vines" - An Introduction to Wine

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Behind the Vines - An Introduction to Wine

This course consists of :

Bite size digestible learning videos. Interactive wine tasting tutorials. Quizzes. Specifically curated recipes to match with. 10 hours of engaging wine content about grapes, wine styles, regions, costings, marketing and wine buying. Free downloads. Educator support

The Ultimate Wine Appreciation Course

Wine List Development & Staff Training

Virtual Vineyards now offers the valuable resource of creating a dynamic and value driven wine list, whilst training your staff in wine and spirits for your restaurant or hotel to drive revenues and enhance guest experiences.

Wine List Development & Staff Training
Home Wine Tasting event

Bespoke Wine Tasting Events

Wine events can often be so specific to your personal preferences and requirements, so we at Virtual Vineyards are delighted to cater to your exact needs. To curate your own wine tasting please email :

Bespoke Wine Tasting Events

Just wanted to say thank you again for that amazing evening. I think everyone loved interacting and have learned a bit more about wine in general. I hope we can do this again in the future.

Thanks again.


New follower, but I really love your page... your recommendations are spot on, which can be so hard to pick and I think we always tend to stay with the old familiars. But you have really inspired me to go out and try new ones. I now slow down and really think about the flavours and savour it, so thank you!


Thank you so much for these wine classes. We've picked up a lot of info which will be really helpful at home or whenever we go to a restaurant again. You have such a talent for what you do. Looking forward to the next one.


Thank you so much for the lovely course and great to have the 'Ebook' to reference back to. I can’t believe the amount of effort it must have taken to pull it together. The course was very enjoyable.Wishing you the very best of luck in any future endeavours.


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